Kneeling Warthog


Height: 125mm
Length: 200mm


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This superb hand-finished bronzed figurine is a beautiful work of art, with amazing detail.

It is produced using a bonded limestone mix, which, once cast and cured, creates a strong and durable material similar to ceramic. A thin coat of bronze on the surface gives the piece the look and feel of real bronze which is enhanced by hand to add emphasis and contrast.  It will not fade or tarnish.

This is a top of the range beautifully designed product.


The warthog is mainly a grazer and has adapted an interesting practice of kneeling on its calloused, hairy, padded knees to eat short grass. Using its snout and tusks, it also digs for bulbs, tubers and roots during the dry season. Like marmite, love them or hate them!