Bronze African Elephant


Height – 52cm
Length – 83 cm
Weight – 17kg
This impressive real bronze sculpture is produced by the traditional “lost wax” process using superior materials with careful attention to design and finishing







This impressive sculpture will be carefully packed and crated and delivered to your door by our courier for an all in price of £2250 (UK mainland only).

It may be placed indoors or outdoors.

Elephants are smart, emotional, self-aware, and highly social creatures. Elephants will walk at the pace of their slowest member, with infants surrounded by nurturing members of the herd, and their young babies are always protected from the elements, like the wind, rain, and sun.
They are known for their incredible memory. Matriarchs will remember the trails and watering holes and how to navigate the seasons, all knowledge handed down by their ancestors for generations, and knowledge so vital for their survival.