Our real bronze Zawadi sculptures are produced by the traditional “lost wax” process so each piece is unique. With expert workmanship, superior materials and careful attention to design and finishing our range is second to none.

Zawadi Decor has been supplying bronzes to us for over 10 years.

Not all bronzes are the same:

  1. When casting bronzes, small imperfections on the surfaces can sometimes occur. While this is part of
    the natural beauty of bronze sculptures, larger imperfections can become unsightly. Zawadi ensures that
    these are re-bronzed over in their workshop before silver-plating them, or applying the bronze patina.
  2. The black enamel paint they use for silver-plated sculptures took much research and trial and error to
    find just the right beautiful and durable enamel that can withstand all types of conditions.
    After testing over 12 different types of enamel, and consulting with paint specialists, they finally found
    the right one which will gives customers many years of pleasure without fading or peeling. They first
    apply an undercoat and then give the bronze a final finishing coat.
  3. Before Zawadi sculptures leave their premises, they are given two coats of a US protective transparent
    solution called Protectaclear®, which is specially formulated for metal sculptures. This ensures that the sculpture will keep its beautiful shine and remain tarnish-free for many years.

In the UK we stock a number of items in the Zawadi bronze animal range – allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Items we do not stock on a continuous basis will be ordered from South Africa – please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We deliver personally where it is practicable for us. Collection by the customer is also possible.

To clean bronzes please wipe with a damp cloth. Where we have indicated a bronze sculpture can be kept outdoors we recommend they are wiped down with a damp cloth regularly and varnish should be applied on an annual basis.


Our Cold Cast Bronze figurines are produced using a bonded limestone mix, which, once cast and cured, creates a strong and durable material similar to ceramic. A thin coat of bronze on the surface gives the piece the look and feel of real bronze which is enhanced by hand to add emphasis and contrast.

Our bronzed range are superior pieces. They bear a surprising amount of detail. Unlike some inferior figurines found on the market today, there are no ugly joins and because the bronze finish is not just painted on, they will not fade or tarnish.


Each animal figurine is crafted from heavy solid pewter and then given a thin layer of copper. This layer of copper creates a surface that is ideal for electroplating the brushed satin-finish pewter. The end result is a beautiful stylised figurine ready for display or even for use as a classy paperweight.


Our Mohair Throws are produced by leading South African manufacturers who value sustainability and good animal welfare. They contain a high mohair content – at least 60%. They are warm but very light with a high colourful sheen. Please allow 5-10 working days for delivery. For more information about Mohair please click here.

Please note: dimensions and other information about our products can be found by clicking on the item. Pictures may not be to scale or may not include the whole image. Image colours will vary depending on how they are viewed.

If you would like further information about any of our products please email us at contact@judyavontuur.ukEdit